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slow speed

  1. G

    Turtle speed in gps mode

    In gps mode, my top speed is 10mph, it should be around 22mph. In sports mode, it is normally reaching 40-45mph. Is there any configuration related to this That I should check ?
  2. J

    Visual sensors issue causing slow speed

    Hi, I crashed my MP a while ago and since then, the sensors are always saying something is about 15m away causing the MP to never go faster than about 14km/h. When I turn the sensors off, the max speed returns to around 45km/h. I've tried to re-calibrate the sensors but no joy. Any advice...
  3. MoFoHo

    'Off board' photos

    Hi all! As a budding amateur photographer, I obviously see the MP as an incredible photographic tool. But, I also like the challenge of photographing the beast itself! So I set myself a challenge, use a shallow DOF AND a slow shutter speed at the same time. Shot with my Nikon D7100, utilising a...
  4. B

    Slow forward speed

    Received my new Mavic Pro last week and took it for a few test flights - loved it. All working well, RTH, flight controls, gimbal, camera, etc. Whilst flying it on Saturday in the garden, a strong wind gust blew it into a wall whilst it was at about 1m above ground. Drone flipped over onto its...