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solar charger

  1. Mcolvin32

    Charging with handcrank or solar low amps

    I was curious if maybe something with high voltage could charge a mavic battery even though it is low amperage. I know it would be super slow but is it possible ...
  2. A

    Hiking Mavic Pro - Battery Bank Charging System - Proven

    After fighting with the mavic car charger with its odd voltage requirements, I have found a solution that works if you want a true portable solution for charging your batteries. Good if you are in remote locations, hiking, if car 12 volt socket shuts off when ignition is off. First this power...
  3. W

    A "Solar Mavic"?

    Was pondering the question of whether integrating solar panels on the upper part of a Mavic's body would make sense for some future version of the Mavic. Here's what I got with my quick "back-of-the-envelope" calculations: Given the small area of the Mavic's upper surface and browsing the info...
  4. Gringorio

    Solar Charging?

    OK, I did ask about this last year for the P3P and it turned out to be unrealistic. But now that DJI has a 12 volt car charger and the Mavic uses a smaller battery I am wondering if any of you brainiacs can determine how many watts of solar panels will be needed to charge the Mavic battery...