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    Home Point Update in Wrong Place, Solved (at least for my Mavic 3). It had to do with the FLY SAFE DATABASE.

    My Home Point Update, suddenly started putting my Mavic 3 drone's take off location several blocks away from my actual launch location. I recalibrated the compass and IMU but this didn't work. But then I realised I hadn't updated the FLY SAFE DATA BASE that the program was requesting be done on...
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    Solved Flight Total Time ( etc.) incorrect after DJI go 4 app update (or, the Spark release)

    Just install the old apk after removing (and syncing) the DJI go 4 app. Download the old APK from DJI GO 4 4.0.7 APK Download by DJI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD - APKMirror Make sure to select "on" or, "allowed" for installation of apk from unrecognised sources in the settings menu of your phone (if...