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spare parts

  1. P

    FOR SALE: Spare Mavic Pro Controller & Battery Charger (UK Plug)

    Hi guys, Last summer I lost my drone whilst flying in Portugal. The strong offshore winds pulled it out and I couldn't bring it back. My heart dropped as I saw the drone plunge into the ocean on my live feed Luckily I had insurance, and I managed to claim back all the money to purchase another...
  2. Mad Mavic

    High Tech Redneck

    I took the big plunge and bought a new upper power board, a flat ribbon cable, GPS/Compass #1 unit , heat sink fan, right front foot, and upper cover. After a few hours of reconstruction, botta bioom, botta bing, i'm back in the air. Bought a $7 soldering iron at Walmart. Spent some time price...
  3. Aronda

    Crashed mavic, silver cable Camera video data substitution

    Hi, ha had a crash with my Mavic, and the camera and gimbal were ripped of the drone. I want to repair that by myself because i see that the gimbal cable was sold as spareparts but i don´t see anywhere the silver multicable video data. I hope i could buy it in the near future. but... Anyone who...
  4. K

    Mavic Pro Gimbal Flexible Flat PCB GImbal Ribbon Cable

    what is the difference between these two flexible flat cable 1-