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  1. BLITZzzz


    This coming September 3-6th, 2024, the Commercial UAV Expo is happening in Las Vegas, NV. This event showcases the world’s leading commercial UAS technology, from airframes to sensors, software to services, and more. Compare and qualify hundreds of the newest solutions all in one place. Vendors...
  2. K

    External Control of Mavic 2 Enterprise Speaker

    Mavic 2 Enterprise Speaker I have a Mavic 2 Enterprise and use the speaker system for bird scaring in my vineyard in New Zealand. I'm looking to see if anybody knows anything about the communications protocol of the Mavic 2 Enterprise accessories? The connection is USB, and I'm wondering if it...
  3. G

    Beep volume on the controller

    Is there a way to adjust the volume for the controller beeping? If I want to leverage RTH, I don't need it beeping all the way home. It's super loud, to the point where it attracts unwanted attention. If there was a way to silence or acknowledge the alert to stop the beeping that would be an...