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sri lanka

  1. celurae

    Sri Lanka - 3 week backpacking in TukTuk

    We traveled three weeks through the beautiful Sri Lanka. Driving a TukTuk by ourselves! What an amazing country. I made a video, shooting with the GH5 and emphasising with some stunning Mavic shots. Let me know what you think!
  2. Jackp

    Greetings from Sri Lanka

    Hi Fellow Pilots, This is to introduce myself to the forum. I am totally new to flying RC aircraft. I have had a Mavic Pro since early December 2017 and have done short practice flights in my garden at home just to become familiar with the controls. Have flown in open areas on a few occasions...
  3. G

    SRI LANKA - The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

    An absolute gem of a country! This was the perfect place to end 14 months of travelling, with the last two weeks of it spent on a beach drinking coconuts! Sri Lanka is stunning and well worth a visit, super easy to spend a month here or more if you have the time. Feel free to follow me on...
  4. M

    Video clip from the Maldives and Sri Lanka

    As I promised :)
  5. A

    LankaTuber - Abdul Baset

    I recently bought a drone and started a new youtube channel. Please check out my videos and subscribe to my channel (LankaTuber). Thank you in advance Visit my Youtube Channel LankaTuber