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  1. jollino

    No GPS data in SRT file for Mavic Air?

    Hello all! I just went from a Phantom 3 Advanced to a Mavic Air and I've noticed that the SRT files generated by the MA are completely different from the ones generated by the P3. While the P3 wrote something like this every second: HOME(14.1714,42.3449) 2018.02.27 11:39:37...
  2. Oyibo VFX

    Using DJI's SRT files in Final Cut Pro X

    Hey guys As said, I've just uploaded a short tutorial of how we can use the SRT files (they come standard in your Mavic Pro while filming) in Final Cut Pro X. Please note that most programs do NOT handle SRT files. FCPX for sure not. So, conversion is the only option and this is easy. Just...