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state park

  1. A

    California Redwoods, State Park or National Park?

    I’m going to California in a few days and I am unclear on some things. I am going to be at the Jedediah Smith State Park but when looking at various maps I see that it is inside the Redwood National park. I’m unclear as to whether I can fly my drone as it is called a state park and a national...
  2. sporte77

    Washington State Parks Drone Application - Cape Disappointment

    I wanted to post this experience, since there aren't any others for my area. We are camping at Cape Disappointment near Long Beach & Ilwaco, Washington. It's located at the mouth of the Columbia River. I'll edit - or add to the post after we complete our trip that starts April 2. I've seen...
  3. Turkk71

    Black Hills, South Dakota

    Thanks for watching guys.