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  1. M

    Still Image Artifacts and corruption raw hdr long exposure

    Sorry if this is duplicate but I got multiple images the other day with heavy artifacts. Maybe it has to do with HDR in combination with long exposure. Is this common? Metadata ISO 800 1/5 sec exposure on Mavic Pro (This is a raw image and I possibly used HDR mode with it)
  2. Mavician

    GPS data in exif (stills)

    Does anyone know if it is possible to save GPS date into the exif of a still image. It would come handy to check the coordinates where the picture was taken. Tnx, Phil
  3. M

    Mavic Photo Quality is AWFUL... Please help!

    Hi guys, As I am looking around at everyone's footage from the Mavic, I'm noticing that the still photos that come off of mine are very low resolution compared to everyone else... The resolution straight off the SD card is 960x720 shot in RAW. A few samples are attached to this thread. If...