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stolen drone

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    Stolen Drone!!

    So I brought my mavic pro here to Brazil and a few days after Christmas this crackhead managed to break into my house and stole it. Anyone have any suggestions of ways I could locate it??? Like with ‘find my drone’ or anything else.... the cops here are **** so not much help there loll
  2. P

    Mavic Air stolen in Austin.

    My DJI Mavic Air ( Fly more Combo with case) has been stolen over the weekend from my car along with some other stuff. Incident reported to Sheriff's office. I don't think I have a serial number as I bought it from another person, slightly used. I fly it using my iPhone 8+ and frequently sync...
  3. R

    So What Does DJI Do About Lost Drones?

    After reading another lost drone post I am wondering what does DJI do in terms of helping the community get back our drones instead of them becoming hot sellers on eBay? DJI has the serial number of every drone and the registration info for activation. I assume if someone finds a drone they...