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  1. G

    Catastrophic crash of Mavic 2 Pro

    Hey all...New to the forum, but glad to be here. Recently had a catastrophic crash of my Mavic 2 Pro. I had purchased it second-hand and as far as all my research could tell me , it was in perfect condition. No crashes and only flown a handful of times. I was flying over a river at a pretty...
  2. R

    Drone Pilot gets 30 days + Fine + restitution in crash

    The Drone Pilot who crashed into the crowd and injured a woman at a Seattle Pride Day Parade has been sentenced... Pilot of drone that struck woman at Pride Parade gets 30 days in jail
  3. NetStalker

    How to properly arm tackle a runaway Mavic.....

    I will cut right to the chase....there is not a proper way. ;) Here is the dealio. Was working on my drone inside, drone was sitting on coffee table and I was setting up a new tablet to replace my phone as the primary device when I got the announcement that a new DJI 4.0 was available. Cool...