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  1. A

    14.6" sunhood

    Hello guys, I have been looking for ages but failing, I have a Samsung s7 plus tablet with a screen size of 14.6" and I cannot find a sunhood for them bright days anywhere. I use a mavic 2 enterprise so the screen is important as I also use the thermal looking for dogs. Can anyone help this old...
  2. S

    Sun hood for iPad Mini 6

    Hi, I haven't been able to find a sun hood for the iPad Mini 6. Any recommandations would be appreciated. Equipment: DJI Mini 2 DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller Cynova DJI RC-N1 Mobile Device Holder Pro
  3. V

    Mavic air controller with Nvidia shield k1 tablet?

    Was just curious if anyone was using the shield k1 with the mavic air controller. Also curious if anyone had a tablet holder recommendation and/or sunhood recommendation to use the tablet with my mavic air. Any thoughts?
  4. Cahd

    Sunset with the DJI Mavic Pro. Oversharpen?

    Hello, I've edited a short clip from a sunset. ND filters were used in the beginning. This time I did set sharpness to +1. No noise reduction in post. Do you think it's oversharpen? I appreciate your feedback. Cheers