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    Flying in forests - loss of connection at distances over 500m

    Hi all, I am new to flying drones and have the Mavic Pro 2. I am using the drone to do forest canopy surveys but have encountered a problem in that I cannot fly further than 500m away without losing signal. I have looked into using waypoints but the limit in the DJI Go app is also 500m. I need...
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    Mavic 2 Pro TopoDrone RTK upgrade kit

    Does anyone have experience with the TopoDrone RTK Upgrade Kit for the Mavic 2 Pro? Appreciate achieving centimeter-level accuracy isn't going to be essential for a lot of people on here. I'm interested to know...
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    Orthophoto/Photomapping help (Relatively new drone owner)

    Hey everyone, I am a marine biologist using the Mavic Pro to survey fur seal colonies in New Zealand. I am currently counting seals from video but finding that difficult to prevent double counting (stop / start video). I would like to trial using a series of photos and stitching them...