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tablet mount

  1. D

    Dji Mavic Mini Tablet mount for iPad Pro 10.5/iPhone 11 Pro Max

    My first post! Just treated myself to a Dji Mavic Mini but not had a chance to fly it outside yet. To my question [and apologies if it's been answered already - I did search]: are there any recommended tablet/larger phone mounts you recommend for the iPad Pro 10.5/iPhone 11 Pro Max? My iPhone...
  2. Garuda

    Ninja Props (8331 on old Mavic)

    Had some spare time and wanted to test out the new propellers (8331), new flymodes and show off my tabletsetup etc. Pretty pointless video but maybe someone finds it intresting!? LOL - Filmed on the swedish westcoast.
  3. brad_rector

    MavMount 2.0 Review

    THIS MOUNT IS AWESOME! First of all, hands down to MavMount. I just purchased my first drone (MPP) and wanted a mount for my Note 8 other than the controller. This mount is well constructed, the ball mount is crazy insane with 100% adjustment to wherever you would need it to go and the added...