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  1. Tone

    Dialling in Mavic Air settings ...

    I've only had the Air just over a week and have spent much of my air time so-far slowing down the sticks to my liking for smooth video and fine tuning the camera/video settings. Late evening test flight yesterday with a Pgytech ND4/PL Pro filter, much better results given the lighting conditions...
  2. Tone

    Greetings from Tasmania!

    I live on a magical triangle island at the bottom of Australia. With a background in still Photography, I started out flying UAV in 2015. A frustrating start with a Walkera Scout, many repairs eventually taught me enough to build my own F550. It flew better and reliably but it still wasn't the...
  3. Robert S

    Shot in Tasmania

    Tasmania has strict rules about drones in National Parks (there's a big sign at Cradle Mountain to remind us), but there are plenty of incredible spots outside them.
  4. Robert S

    Visiting Cradle Mountain in Tasmania

    We're heading to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania in April. Can somebody recommend scenic spots outside the National Park when I can legally fly my Mavic? There seem to be a number of nearby conservation areas that aren't national parks. I also see on Google Maps that there's a Cradle Mountain...
  5. T

    Compilation from our trip to Australia

    Compilation of flights done near Hobart in Tasmania: Opossum Bay, river Derwent, Sandy Beach and last boats finishing the Sydney- Hobart sailing race. Tropical shots are from Cape Tribulation, Queensland ( nord-west from Cairns) where you can still meet the salt water crocodiles. Enjoy!!
  6. Jeffdj

    Mavic Flight in Tasmania

    Here is a video clip of my first serious flight with the Mavic Pro in Tasmania, Australia. I wasn't impressed when first starting up to be told that I needed to do an update!! I was well out of wi fi and 4G reception but fortunately I could still fly. I wanted to get some close up video of the...