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  1. E

    Hypnotic footage from the North Coast of California.

    Shot with DJI Mavic Pro and Sony A7RII.
  2. 1

    The First Sunset of 2018

    Luckily we had a nice sunny new year day here in north Texas. Threw my mavic up over my house to film the sunset.
  3. MikeC

    Winter's Light Version 2

    Winter's Light will be playing at the Anchorage International Film Festival Dec. 10th. This is my 2nd version with updated sequences. YouTube Channel
  4. R

    Mavic Pro time-lapse tricks

    Here'a promotion using traditional aerials and time-lapse aerials to promote the use of drones at our television news station. Most of the time-laspe shots are created from DNG stills. Since the Mavic will only do interval photos every 10 sec, I have been manually finger tapping the shutter...