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  1. AltroFuturo

    Mini 2 italian dreams

    Italian dreams and nothing else! Venice - Verona Filmed on DJI Mini 2 & Pocket 2
  2. cgmaxed

    Disabling the Top IR Obstacle Sensor on Mavic 2 Drones

    TINFOIL ! Yes, you heard right. I was on another forum when I read Tinfoil will trick the Mavic 2s' Top IR Obstacle Sensor into thinking nothing is above it. So I taped a piece of uncreased tinfoil over the sensor. And, behold, I could take off and hit the ceiling if I wanted too. The tinfoil...
  3. TheManChild


    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum so i thought i'd quickly introduce myself. A couple of buddies and i have just started a new tech and Gadget YouTube channel where we will be testing, reviewing and making how to videos for different types of drones and much more. Our first video- 'Top Tips for...