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  1. DroneTinker

    Mini 2 Cinematic Video of Antequera, Spain - 4K

    Shot on DJI Mini 2
  2. Yaros

    Air 2 A town in Mallorca - Sant Llorenç

  3. Bodkin's Best Photography

    Mini Mini 2 Nightscape

    A humble little town and my first night flight with the Mini 2.
  4. T

    the Netherlands from top!

    Hi all! I am a beginner and just started recording since mid-June, though, I am excited enough to share some of my recordings with you! Needless to mention that I would be more than happy if you have a suggestion :) Berendonck, Wijchen, NL Reeuwijk, NL (part I) Reeuwijk, NL (part II)...
  5. 00Nic

    New Zealand video on the beach

    Hi! I will go to New Zealand this month and I'm plannig to do some shootings from the beach. I used Airshare to plan my flight but I'm unsure of some rules I must respect. I know that I can't fly over town, but if I want to record a video from the beach in front of the town? Obviously making...
  6. BlazeAir

    Pequot Lakes Bobber Tower

    Here is the first actual photo I took with my Mavic Pro. It is the famous Bobber Water Tower in Pequot Lakes Minnesota. The now-landmark is known as "Paul Bunyan's Fishing Bobber."