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  1. Brojon

    Warning to Trackimo users

    So June 1st my Trackimo stopped working. After a few go arounds with tech support it turns out that AT&T and Verizon have shut down their 2G services. So the 2G model still being sold by various companies and fleaBay sellers is worthless in the US now. Anyone wanna Trackimo cheep?
  2. W

    Trackimo - new accessory available

    FYI... For folks that use or am considering Trackimo... I just got this in an email. Waterproof box + magnet for GPS Tracker + 3500mAh battery George
  3. P

    Trackimo Drone GPS Tracker with Drone attachment kit

    Dear Friends on Mavic Forum, I am a newbie here may I say great forum. Can I ask if you have any experience of using the above, how accurate is Trackimo in case of lost drone. Also how easy would it be to fit on the Mavic. Is this item worth the price. I am in Ireland. Europe so perhaps...