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  1. R

    Trade android controller cables for iOS cables?

    Hello all, I am looking to trade my Android controller cables for iOS controller cables for my Mavic Mini original and Mavic Air 2. I recently broke my Air 2 controller cable and thought it would be nice to trade my Android controller cables to anyone who doesn't need their iOS cables. If...
  2. Hegemone

    **SOLD** Mavic Mini Fly More (w/ 9months Refresh Care +)- $275 Shipped.

    **SOLD** $275 includes USPS Priority Flatrate shipping and insurance to the continental US addresses only. The drone is in mint condition and the only reason I am selling is that I want all my drones on the smart controller. This is the Fly more combo. Included items are pictured. I have the MM...
  3. T

    Looking to trade my (basically) brand new Mavic Pro alpine white edition for an inspire!

    Hey Guys! I have a basically brand new Mavic Pro alpine white edition and I’m looking to trade it for an inspire v1 or v2. Let me know if you have any leads :)
  4. D

    SOLD - Trade Phantom4P for MavicP

    SOLD - TRADE FOR MAVIC Phantom4 Pro package: 2 batteries, x props, travel case, multi-charger, car charger,... 8 hours flight record, like new. Excellent condition. Trade for Mavic Pro I own an Inspire2 and don’t need 2 high-end platforms. David
  5. A

    Trace phantom 4 for Mavic pro

    looking to trade my phantom 4 for a Mavic pro or sell my phantom 4 with all original accessories for $900 including shipping anywhere.
  6. itsthejor

    For Sale or Trade - new/never flown Yuneec Typhoon H Pro RealSense

    Hey guys, New here. Looking to sell (or trade for Mavic Pro/P4 Pro) my Typhoon H Pro RealSense drone. It’s never been flown, and only opened the box to snap a few pictures. If selling, looking for $850 OBO or as mentioned, to trade for a Mavic Pro or P4 Advanced/Pro. If you’re curious why...
  7. J

    Phantom 4 Pro Trade For a Mavic Pro *Changed my mined please disregard

    I have a phantom 4 pro that I am looking to trade for a mavic pro. I flew my phantom around 8 times and it is in perfect condition. Comes with one brand new set of propellers. Let me know if interested. I live in New Jersey and could meet if you live locally. Thanks Disregard this post...
  8. K

    Anyone interested in trading their Mavic Pro for Phantom 4?

    If anyone would be interested in trading their Mavic Pro for my Phantom 4, pm me. I know the Phantom 4 would be better for landscape photography in higher winds etc. In my opinion, Mavic is more hobby/fun. Just throwing this out there before I go buy a Mavic and have 2 drones. I just want to...
  9. Skyler King III

    I want to trade my Phantom 4 (not Pro) for Mavic, Controller and 1 battery

    I want to trade my Phantom 4 (not Pro) for Mavic, Controller and 1 battery I'll include Phantom 4 and controller in mint condition and under DJI Care with no claims, 2 perfect batteries, the form case. I want to receive a Mavic and controller with 1 battery, no case necessary in mint...
  10. Skyler King III

    Trade my Mint Phantom 4 with DJI Care and Warranty for like Mavic

    I want to trade my MINT Phantom 4 (under DJI Care) with 2 batteries, controller, case etc for a Mavic Fly More combo. If interested, contact me via PM. I live in Connecticut USA.
  11. thefrisbee995

    Swap Phantom 4 Pro For Fly-More Bundle? (South England)

    I have a Phantom 4 Pro I paid £1560 for just before xmas brand new and it is in excellent condition now. I would like to swap for a Mavic fly-more kit. I can post pics if interested but I haven't flown it much. Literally just want to swap because I am a developer and need to be able to carry a...