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travel video

  1. take a hike

    2 Pro A hardcore hike at the Solomon Mt. ( not the one in CA )

    One of the best hiking trails in the south, and only 20min drive from Eilat, a perfect trail for the hardcore hiker staying in Eilat. Be waned though, the trail has many drop offs and narrow trails going between haven to earth, not recommended for those who are afraid of heights. Taken using...
  2. M

    Discovering Myanmar Sagar lake in the Shan mountains

    Here is a video I shot a few months ago in this quite unknown but wonderful place. That was also my first time using active tracking over water from my paddle board.
  3. Kemalios

    Combination of DJI Mavic Air and DJI Osmo mobile 2 in ancient city in Bosnia

  4. celurae

    Sri Lanka - 3 week backpacking in TukTuk

    We traveled three weeks through the beautiful Sri Lanka. Driving a TukTuk by ourselves! What an amazing country. I made a video, shooting with the GH5 and emphasising with some stunning Mavic shots. Let me know what you think!
  5. G

    2 days in the Lake District UK | Mavic Air

    Hi all, our latest video is out and this time we go explore the stunning Lake Dristrict (UK) We used the Mavic Air to take some stunning footage atop the mountains, from a moving boat, through valleys and lakes... it was just absolutely stunning and we had a cracking time, so if you liked the...
  6. eaglewoodfilms

    Blown away by the Air | DJI - Mavic Air - Travel Film

    Hi there! 1st post on these forums, since I'm usually flying a Phantom, but this spring I got to test the Mavic Air in all sorts of conditions. Chasing winter wonderland and auroras beyond the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, snowboarding the heights of the Tyrolean Alps in Austria...
  7. S

    Awesome Vietnam - Rice, People, Land

    Hello fellow Mavics, been in this beautiful country a couple of times now, and I sum'ed it up in this video. Hope you will enjoy it: Rice, People, Land Enjoy fellow Mavic Pilots.
  8. celurae

    Everyday's Motion - Thailand 4K

    Hi There Mavic Pilots! So I’ve been on holiday lately and wanted to share my video covering our 4 weeks trip. I’ve been combining shots with the Panasonic GH5 together with the Mavic. I think these two different perspectives in a video can really lift the result. Your feedback is...