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uk drone law

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    Air 3 in the UK - checking prerequisites and limitations

    Hi all. First up apologies as I know there are a good number of posts about UK drone rules. After a week of heavy reading and attempted research I am just want to make sure I have my facts straight. I’m posting in the Air 3 forum as this is the drone I currently plan on getting, but happy to...
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    Unauthorised commercial use

    Fairly sure I'm safe here, but it's an interesting situation. I am not commercially licensed, and do not take photos/video with the intent that they be used commercially. I took this photo in Edinburgh (United Kingdom) - Colin Burn-Murdoch on Instagram: “More #hdr #drone photos of #edinburgh”...
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    3 min guide to Uk Drone Law'18

    So time-table is out for the new UK drone Bill. What do you think?