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unsafe to land

  1. T

    Drone Would Not Land - In Restricted Flight Zone - Badly Cut Index Fingers

    I was in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on vacation. I launched the Mavic 3 from the beach area on a beach chaise lounge. After flying it without issues, I tried to land the drone, but it came to a hover about 3’-0” or 4’-0” up in the air above the chaise lounge, but it would not land. The...
  2. Cookedinlh

    MAVIC - "Unsafe to Land"

    Just got me new best friend couple of days ago and been going through the various modes. It's EVERYTHING I hoped to see and more . . . fantastic little bird, beautifully engineered and built, quiet, agile, a breeze to set up but . . This morning (3rd flight) I activated "auto-land" and it...