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user manual

  1. Drone Master

    DJI Mini 4 Pro User Manual!

    For all that need to have the quick PDF on this aircraft.
  2. Keule

    Mavic AIR revised manual 1.2 (May 2018)

    DJI silently updated/revised the user manual of Mavic AIR 1.2 For the differences, look up here: Draftable Free Online Compare for Word, PDF, PowerPoint
  3. Rom3oDelta7

    What's different in the v1.2 user manual

    Here's the comparison of the two manual versions. Not much has changed. Mostly, a global substitution of "Go" for "Go 4". Other notable changes: The Flight Modes description (p. 11): the reference to Mavic switching to P-OPTI mode has been removed. Also, the reference to switching to P-ATTI...
  4. Rom3oDelta7

    Mavic Pro user manual posted!

    DJI said they would post the official 1.0 manual once they started shipping, and I guess they were true to their word! I've downloaded it but have not read it yet; hopefully this fills in the gaps and corrects the errors in...
  5. DesertWindAero

    Errors in Mavic User Manual?

    I was perusing the Mavic user manual here and noticed possible errors on Page 9. There is no description for the button labeled as number 11 in the diagram, but it looks like it is the C2 button. #12 is identified as the C2 button, but it is clearly pointing to one of the dials (exposure...