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  1. Coskier

    Red Rock Canyon, NV - First scenic flights and first edits of Mavic Air footage

    Learning how to fly and edit the video. Here's my first real attempt, outside of posting Asteroid shots and footage to Instagram straight out of the camera on my Mavic Air. FWIW, Red Rock Canyon is a great place to fly. Wish we'd had more time to spend there.
  2. dually

    Bring my new Mavic to Vegas?

    Hello all, just wondering if I should bring my new Mavic to Vegas on my holiday next week? We are planning on renting a car and tripping around to the grand canon, lake mead, hoover dam and other conservation areas of interest for a few days. Not even sure I can legally fly it there being from...
  3. Digitaldias

    Movie Studio Platinum, export to Resolve for color grading?

    Hi, windy day, no flying, and I'm away from home. During my holidays, I've discovered DaVinci resolve and decided to do ALL of my color grading there. Question is, with Movie Studio 13 at home (probably 14 once I upgrade) - does anyone know if I can export it to a format that Resolve can use...
  4. UAV Man

    What editing software?

    To try and get an idea of the best editing suites out there I wanted to understand which is the most popular. So please answer the POLL and give feedback as to why you have chosen the specific software and any advice you wish to share.