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vertical photo

  1. J

    Vertical panoramas (back after inactivity - looking for inspiration)

    Hi guys, after like 3 years of being active photographer, I stopped and went inactive for like a year. I would like to go back to business and start shooting. I was always flying with drones, especially with the old good Mavic Pro. There are some of my favorite vertical panoramas that I manually...
  2. The realdazzler

    Share your best vertical drone photos

    Use this thread to share your best vertical drone photos If you're like me, you got into drones for their mapping capabilities and for their ability to give 'a bird's eye view'.
  3. M

    Discolored Band At Bottom of Vertical Photo

    Has anyone ever had this issue, where at the bottom of a vertical photo taken on a Mavic Pro, there is a band of color that has a darker exposure and different white balance. Here are some photos for reference. I want to know how to get rid of this, its ruining my photos.