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  1. Boomerang

    No gimbal/cam view on my iPhone while flying my Mavic.... Help!?

    Hi to everybody! Who can tell me how to fix the follwing problem I faced today during my first Mavic Pro flight? Despite of flying with the drone, my iPhone coupled don't shows the remote view of the gimbal/cam... I've installed the app DJI-Go-4 but can't get the a.m. view.... May someone tell...
  2. M

    camera settings

    Can anyone help please. I generally run my camera in auto as I am not a huge photo/video guy. I just really like to fly. Recently my view has added a ton of red almost cartoon borders and edges to my picture while flying. Ive tried messing with it but cant seem to get it right. Any advice will...
  3. R

    Video files

    Just got my Mavic, flew around today, took 4 videos. I plugged the USB cable into the mavic and copied the files to my PC. I tried viewing the files in VLC and I just get some green flashes and garbage. Tried opening them in windows movie maker and it shows them as just no video. Running Win7...