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    Help Me Graduate

    Certification of Aircraft and Pilots for Beyond Visual Line of Sight Flying Attention all part 107 holders, it would help me out greatly if you complete this survey. Please send it to friends and other part 107 holders that you know via the link provided. This survey is for my graduate research...
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    San Diego Presentation - Looking Ahead - Drone (sUAS) Rules for 2018

    Looking Ahead - Drone (sUAS) Rules for 2018 Date and Time: Wednesday, November 15, 2017, starting at 18:00 Pacific Standard Time Speaker(s): Jeff Riolo and other sUAS Leaders Brief Description: 14 CFR Part 101 and Part 107 FAA sUAS Rules covered. This includes: Recreation, Public Use and...
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    San Diego - sUAS Airspace Authorizations and Waivers Presentation

    Acquiring Drone Airspace Authorizations and other FAA Part 107 UAS Waivers Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2017, starting at 18:00 Pacific Daylight Time Speaker(s): Jeff Riolo & other sUAS Industry Leaders Description: Learn how to successfully create and submit FAA drone airspace authorizations...