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  1. C

    Mini 3 Temperature inversions in Wales

    Its that time of year again - the 3 or so days conditions are perfect for temperature inversions so a perfect day in the hills looking down at the fog. Here is the Sugar Loaf mountain in the Brecon Beacons national park taken just before sunset.
  2. C

    Mini 3 Welsh Waterfall

    Very quick flight around Henrhyd Falls (From Batman apparently). Not a lo of water still due to a dry summer and about 3 weeks too early for autumn colours. Photos taken at 48mp, processed with DxO PureRAW. Pano made with PTGUI. DxO is changing the colour rendering slightly so need to make a...
  3. thefrisbee995

    Mini 2 Anglesey, North Wales... What a Place!

    Went on a trip recently to Anglesey in North Wales... Amazing place to fly (Mini 2), have to share these with you guys! Let me know what you think :)
  4. B

    Mini 2 A Brocken spectre in Wales: Dronie even got his own 😉

    Hi all. I took my MM2 up to a place called Lake Vyrnwy in Wales last weekend and experienced my very first Brocken Spectre......I didn't even know what it was what I was seeing until afterwards when I asked my mountaineering friend. You will see me and my daughters on top of the lovely...
  5. C

    2 Pro Foggy, frosty afternoon

    A rare break in constant drizzle for the last 2 days provided some nice fog and frost.
  6. H

    Highlights from Pembrokeshire coastline, St David’s, Wales.

  7. Drone UK

    Mavic 2 meets Suspension Bridges

    first time filming something like this
  8. X

    One Sunny Day in Wales UK - Watch in 4K

  9. M

    Find Your Epic, Episode 1 (Mavic)

    Filmed the other day, aerial shots with my mavic (no filters on lense, looking to get some soon). Any advice / feedback to improve is welcome :)
  10. iamSteve

    Welsh Hills & Valleys

    A short film showing of beautiful hills and valleys of North Wales. Any improvement comments always welcomed.
  11. M

    Basingwerk Abbey, Holywell, North Wales Video

    Short video of the Abbey ruins, filmed in "None" colour mode, ND4 filter, no post production colour, contrast or exposure adjustment.
  12. T

    Oh for some weather

    I've had my Mavic just over a week now but just haven't had the opportunity to fly somewhere beautiful - despite high wind I shot these coast shots using nd filters . The camera is impressive - think I may use Uhd rather than 4K as it doesn't seem to shoot 25 fps on 4K
  13. G

    Mavic Pro Above the Fog (and then a lake) Graded (4K)

    Quick video after I pulled over on the way to work! It was worth being late just to see the view above the fog. Edited in Final Cut Pro, graded in Color Finale. Hope you enjoy, got a brand new channel so will be posting lots more and hopefully improving my flying and editing skills!
  14. G

    Sully Island in 4K - D-Cinelike Colour Graded footage

    Hi everyone, here is a a minute with the Mavic Pro in Wales. Shot in D-Cinelike Edited in FCPX and graded with Color Finale.
  15. S

    My Mavic in the Welsh Mountains

    My first 'proper' flight with my Mavic was in the mountains of North Wales. A couple of scary moments, but I am happy with the results.