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  1. 3baid

    Hello from Kuwait

    Hello everyone great to be here as a member and it is so awesome to have a dedicated forums for helping each other! totally new to drones, never flown any! Just watched a lot of YouTube videos.. that got me in to the drone world so bad i placed an order for Mavic 2 pro and a Mavic air 2! cant...
  2. H

    Aloha from Aiea (Hawaii)

    Hey everyone and Aloha! I've just ordered my mavic thanks to DJI's promo and snagged a 20% off. I'm completely brand new to the drone world and have been trying to find out all that I can to make sure that I don't do anything stupid. Looking forward to meeting everyone here and to learn from the...
  3. B

    Hello From Old Forge, PA, USA

    Hello MavicPilots. Had my Mavic for about 3 weeks and have been racking up some hours in between the rain, snow and extreme wind and cold. Looking forward to some warmer weather and more adventures with this beauty. This is my first drone but have been flying fixed wing aircraft and hot air...