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    Mavic Air for water sports?

    I am thinking to get a Mavic Air - and my goal is to do some general hobbyist photos, and some video of Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. A few questions; 1) I assume that obstacle avoidance would not detect things like the cords in a kitesurfing set of lines? 2) How much practice time is required...

    Mavic Pro Signal Booster!

    From the makers of the Original phantom series 3d printed Windsurfers Mavic Pro Signal Booster Windsurfer This light weight simple parabolic reflector will significantly increase your signal strength. Whether...
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    Mavic and Windsurfer

    ive seen some video of folks losing signal at about a mile out due to trees and such which is perfectly acceptable. With my P3P I lost connection in one direction specifically and I popped on the windsurfers and problem solved. Do the P3 windsurfers fit on the Mavic antenna? See I don't know...