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  1. Julius Danziger

    3 Wine country of South Africa

    The wine country of South Africa is in the western Cape and one can drive for many miles seeing the beauty of the wineries often withe the growing grapes along the mountains.
  2. Julius Danziger

    3 Wines of South Africa

    Stellenbosch is the most famous wine-producing region in South Africa. The town, in Western Cape's Coastal Region, is steeped in wine producing history and is home to the country's best-known wine estates.Stellenbosch is bout 50 miles from Cape Town and a bequtiful country town #stellenbosch...
  3. Swing4TheRing

    Northern Michigan

    A little compilation of Northern Michigan's lower peninsula... just because... not my best footage as these were from earlier flights. So only watch if you're bored.