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  1. S

    How do you deal with repeating filenames with panos?

    I got a Mini 2 about a two weeks ago and I am loving it. There is one aspect so far that has really been an issue for me and that is DJI's file naming convention. I'm getting repeated filenames between the 100MEDIA folder and the PANORAMA folder. I have googled and dug through menus but so far...
  2. I

    Newbie's thoughts after first 'Air holiday' (with film)

    Hey there! I had been reading this forum in the weeks leading up to me buying my Air, so wanted to payback my thoughts that I hope others will find helpful. (Apologies if this is an overly long and indulgent post. I think I'm warming up for a blog post.) My Background I've been a hobbyist...
  3. markyodo

    iPad edits?

    I just upgraded my iPad and now have pencil support. I’m seeing a lot of potential now for mobile editing workflow with the newer hardware. Have any you taken the plunge and managed to make mobile editing worthwhile for bigger projects? Thanks.