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  1. QldKing

    Air 2s #DJIAIR2S Hidden WWII Fuel Storage Tanks | Darwin Australia | 5K [2022]

    Its 1943. Its hot. The terrain steep. The conditions are not much better. And you and your team need to build 5 oil tanks. Welcome to Darwin! These five storage tanks are located at different locations along the Darwin cliff face. 1 Located in Larrakeyah, another at Doctors Gully and 3...
  2. QldKing

    Air 2s 🇦🇺“Charlies Hill" Royal Australian Air Force 211 Radar Station|WWII Radar Site|Queensland 4K[2021]

    RAAF 211 Radar Station at Charlie’s Hill became operational in late 1943, and was one of five British-designed Advanced Chain Overseas (ACO) radar stations constructed in Queensland during World War II: four being completed (Benowa, Toorbul, Bones Knob and Charlie’s Hill) with a fifth not...
  3. QldKing

    Air 2s #DJIAIR2S 🇦🇺”WWII WATCH POST” | 4K Darwin [2021]

    The Observation Post was built between 1939-1941 during the build-up of defence installations in Darwin. It was one of a set of structures constructed as part of an overall coastal defence strategy in anticipation by allied strategists of a sea and land based invasion. This particular post was...
  4. F

    Flying in Normandy France

    Hey all, In a couple of weeks I'm going camping in Normandy France. I was wondering if anyone had flown here? I would really like to fly over the WWII landing beaches and bunkers and especially a flatlay shot from the American Cemetery. I don't see any of the places marked as NFZ on the DJI...