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  1. R.J.

    Airmap discrepancy solved...kinda. (Email from Airmap)

    Hello all, as I was searching for places to fly I came across an odd discrepancy in the Airmap app. You will see in the pic provided that some roads have 'yellow' on them. The issue is that they do not always have yellow on the same road... for example, highway 95 turns from yellow to white and...
  2. M

    Occasional yellow status light but no disconnect light

    It has happened a few times now where I will get a yellow status light on the rear of the Mavic mid flight. It goes back to green very quickly, and does not display any messages in the app or on the controller. I wouldn't describe the light as "rapid" but it is hard to tell because it happens so...
  3. M

    Yellow tab on inside top of gimbal?

    Is this normal? Pic attached. Should i try to remove it? I think its similar to the protective plastic liners on remote and different parts of Mavic chasis. Thx