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  1. itsthejor

    For Sale or Trade - new/never flown Yuneec Typhoon H Pro RealSense

    Hey guys, New here. Looking to sell (or trade for Mavic Pro/P4 Pro) my Typhoon H Pro RealSense drone. It’s never been flown, and only opened the box to snap a few pictures. If selling, looking for $850 OBO or as mentioned, to trade for a Mavic Pro or P4 Advanced/Pro. If you’re curious why...
  2. J

    Hello from Hendersonville, TN (near Nashville, Music City)

    I am a soon to be Mavic pilot that is looking very much forward to getting back into the DJI sphere. I was lured away, selling my P3P, to buy a Yuneec Typhoon H instead of a P4. Big mistake. I have not felt confident flying since. I am coming back to DJI with the all new Mavic on order and can...