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Mavic Mini 2 Battery Extractor

I learned something new today... how to send money online through PayPal. I bought two of the battery extractors. I think they'll pay for themselves in removing frustration.
I fully expect the same result!

I've found a work around that sort of works. I turn the charger or the aircraft upside down, so that my thumb is pushing on the release button, rather than my index finger. It's a big improvement, but I look forward to having a tool that just makes it simple and easy.

SUPER! 2 of my 3 batteries were almost impossible to get out from the drone for my fat fingers. They don't appear to be swollend (they're flat), just sized out of spec. I took your specs to a shop here in Bali with a 3D printer and they made a couple of your tools for me-- AND THEY WORK GREAT! Now I can easily pull these batteries out. Many thanks for posting this!
So it's winter here and removing battery from the drone in gloves or with frozen fingertips is not the easiest thing to do.

So i made a little tool.

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Just printed a couple of one of the remixed versions of this and they work well. They took about 45 minutes each on my Prusa Mini+ at 0.15 and 30%.

A useful tool, thank you.

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