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Trying to figure out if it's worth it. $199 for a 3 day seminar on how to build a drone business, then like $13k to join.

The link is to their training.
Sounds like a rip-off to me. No thank you.

Go talk to your local Community College Business Center and learn how to set up your business.
Any opinions on joining Sky Eye Newwork's program?
I was foolish enough to take their 3 day class. While there were some useful bits, what you are paying for is a 1/2 day hard sell commercial to join their network for the "reduced" price of $12k. No Thank You!!!
Don't, just don't. Horribly reputation in the industry.

Just do something like Pilot Institute for the 107 class, then work hard to build your business.
The "worlds" best training provider with the latest high tech equipment" but they cant make a simple website
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Your local community college probably has a great business program and a drone/GIS program that costs much less than that- maybe even online too.
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