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What is a Mavic 2 Zoom worth Now?


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Sep 11, 2020
Panhandle of Florida
I have an uncrashed, only flown about 15-20 times Mavic 2 Zoom. I'm looking around on things like FB marketplace, etc but wanted to know if anyone has sold one or just know what mine would be worth if I sold it.
Also, would it be in my best interest to keep my Smart Controller that I bought with it?
I recently acquired a Mavic 2Pro for $750, with the controller, three batteries, and extra props. I've seen Mavic 2 Pros and the close variant Mavic 2 Zoom selling for between $800 and $1,200 used on eBay. If you're in a rush to sell, pricing your Mavic 2 Zoom at $800 will have buyers duking it out over the privilege of purchase. If there isn't much hurry, you could sell it for a grand or more easily.

Before you get rid of it, remember that the Mavic 3 is the only newer hobby-grade DJI drone that can fly waypoint missions beyond the RC signal range, and they go for $1,600. Your Mavic 2 Zoom has that capability and works with Litchi as opposed to the Mavic 3 which is only compatible with DJI Fly.
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Well, thank you sir! I'm not sure what Litchi is, but will find out very soon, lol. Would the Mavic 2 be going the wayside as far as DJI is concerned, I wonder? I've had it for a while, bought a Mini 2 and love it, because it is so small and easy to pack. The Mini 3 has all the quickshots that my Mavic 2Z has, but even still my Mini 2 has most of them.
I was just thinking of selling possibly both and just getting a Mini 3 and be done with it. I'm not sure the waypoint option is anything that I would need, although you have sparked my interest in trying it now - this is why I love this forum! Everyone is friendly and informative.
P.S. After my original posting I went to the classifieds here on this forum and saw exactly what you outline, as far as price goes... Even on FB Marketplace is on track with this also.

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