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Let me know when you get to Denver - I can give you some info on a very cool and scenic place to fly within 20 mins of city center
Could you please give me the information regarding the mount for your SC and the Feelworld tablet. Also I would love to thave the yellow panel you have on the SC. The contrast would make finding buttons much easier for my old eyes.
Jim in the Rockies
Type this into ebay and you should have it come up. They are $34.99
Decks -
I think my friends said the deck was in code violation, too close to the property line or built without a permit; the gal worked for the county back then and had ins, so the suggestion to tear it down had some teeth; but yeah, not really anything to do with privacy. And the conversations were a while back themselves, so I may have some facts skewed, too. But it was a funny story ... lol.
Hello - Saw that you are in Ventura: while I live in San Diego, I am a CDR in the Navy Reserves and in charge of a sUAS unit up there at Naval Base Ventura County (both at Pt Mugu and Port Hueneme). Do you have any recommended flight areas for our new quadcopter pilots to fly there nearby, where we won't bother anyone with drone flying?
Do you still have the Mavic 2 Pro for sale? If so, could you send me some photos of it? I am looking for a mavic 2 pro.


I am absolutely in love with your videos of Switzerland. Have only been a few times. It sure makes me want to return. Thank you!!!!
Hi ... I've read your comment on the no camera flight mode for Mini 2 ... I got my camera out and confiscated by Customs Office here in our place. I've tried your recommended method to have up on air but its also a fail. Any other ways you can think of?
Hello sir, I've been on here for a while now and would like to thank you for your support and wisdom to old and new pilots. alike. Sometimes I skim over articles in the interest of time, but I will always take the time to thoughtfully see what you have to say. You are most respected in my eyes and I thank you for all you do for us. Peace.
Hi where did you by your battery for the mavic 2 zoom how much more time dose it give you in the air ?

2) how much more time dose it give you in the air ? 50% more flight time. so on a day where it would normally fly for25 minutes, it would fly for about 37 minutes. It definitely flies at least 5 minutes longer than my Evo 2 pro.
These 4200mah lihv 15.2v si-graphene batteries come with an xt90 adapter, so you need to either buy an xt90 to xt60 adapter to attach it to the drone battery adapter, which is a xt60, or splice the wires on the xt90 cable and replace it with a xt60. It's easier to buy adapters. Just google xt90 to xt60 lipo battery adapter. Order them at the same time, so you don't have to wait too long between shipments.
Lycus Tech Mavic Air 2 Case

DJI Drone Deals

1. Mini SE - $299
2. Mini 2 - $449
3. Air 2 (renewed) - $649
4. Air 2s - $999
5. FPV Combo - $1299
6. Mavic 2 Zoom - $1349
7. Mavic 2 Pro - $1499

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