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Hi guys and gals. I am just about to pick up my Mavic Pro that I bought, broken. I can’t help myself! Problem listed as requiring new gamble, but flies well. We shall see! Be prepared for many silly questions.
I don't know why I think I need to say something profound here....Poop! I can't think of anything profound to say here... I'm very new to the Drone world, with a total of 15 mins flight time with my M2P. I'm here representin' Detroit, Michigan, look me up!
How about $575 shipping included to Tucson, AZ 85742? I would pay by PayPal and identify you as a friend/relative so you would receive the full amount commission-free. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Bill in Tucson
Just got my Polar White Mavic Air and the goggles. I have watched 1,000 hours (seems like) of U TUBE to talk my self into spending so much. I know you can spend more and I am so grateful to have a hobby. I used to buy radio controlled helicopters. I never had one last over a day. I pray the Mavic Air will help me not lose him. I have a lot to learn.
I'm definitely interested but I have another deal pending. Should know status by tomorrow. Thanks!
seth g
Okie doke. Let me know if you end up being interested. I've had a fair bit of interest in it.
I am on vacation in May from the USA
I will pass thru Switzerland...any special info I need to know about flying my drone?
Mavic for sale


I appreciated you liking my post in regard to the person selling the mavic.
When you viewed the pictures could you please confirm what you saw was exactly what I wrote in my reply to the seller?
seems that the pictures have changed and I would appreciate you taking time to confirm what you saw by responding to the thread.
If you don't want to then no problem.

Thanks, Jon
Flying a Mavic Pro, what would cause RTH to engage on its own, with no error message? Battery was not low, and RC connection was intact. It has happened several times at the same site, but does not happen if I move to a different location.
I am still unsure about file management on the aircraft. I know it has 8GB of internal memory and I have installed a 32GB card. I have not yet found where I can direct all of the video capture to the removable card - I would rather it not go to the onboard memory as it will be troublesome to download. Still looking.

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