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Hello fellow Mavic enthusiasts. I'm a retired professional fighter/independent Harley-Davidson shop owner/college professor. I'm no longer able to ride because physical limitations and have entered the drone world as a way to have a bit of fun.

I "fly" a Mavic Pro. And because I live on a thin peninsula most of my flights are over water, hence the floats
Back from Indonesian Earthquake / Tsunami zone, my drone helped greatly in our search and rescue operations, and all my footage was used on world news tonight and on CTV news
( Canadian National News ) we recovered 349 deceased and 49 survivors, te drone helped locate bodies and survivors thanks DJI
Hi MaxHam, I've watched your video in the 'stability over water' thread a few times and I'm impressed. At altitudes even higher than that I've had no luck at all (but that's going forward or backwards, not sideways). Can you share with me your settings please mate?
Cheers, Tony
I have a Mavic Pro with only two flights on it and two batts and more extras. Although I live in Alabama the shipping wouldn't be much and maybe we can work something out. If you're interested let me know and I'll get up a list and pictures if you want them.

Gene Stanton
Call me if you want.
I would consider buying your monitor for $525 with the charger. I don't need the cable.

You cover shipping which should be around $10-$15 USPS priority 2 day.

Payment by PayPal

call me at 321-877-6224 to discuss.
Hi I have a spark and Mavic pro....I'd love to change the look of the spark. Let me know what you need from me with respect to flight behavior etc......
Hallo,I am a staff of skyreat, responsible for Germany, if you need, you can tell me your email, I will contact you in time.
El Diablo
Hello there, excuse me for my late reply, I was on a business trip. My email is konstantinos_anastasiou@yahoo.com
Many thanks :)
hello,we have some mavic 2 pro filters ,Are you interested in testing?
Thanos for your offer, but I am flying the "Zoom" version, not the "Pro".

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