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Aussie Oldtimer
I can't say enough. You were right on, I walked right to where you said and it was right their. And the battery was about 4 foot away. I don't know how you dd it knowing that the battery had come out let along showed me just where it was. You are amazing. I tested it and it still had 3 bars and I tested to 1 foot works great.

Hi guy's..Can anyone help? I have a DGI mavic Air, I usually use a memory card in the drone, does the drone switch from the internal memory to the memory card when it is full, I recently lost some video footage, but the memory card was showing some free space.. Thanks
can anyone help im want to fly my air with only the controller but still view and record on my phone remotely is this possible
Hi all those down under in Australia. Trying to insure my drone via home contents insurance. Anyone successfully done that and if so can you give me any info. Tia.
Thank you
Well, I knew about the YouTube option, a very good one indeed, but I want to know what's the problem specifically with Whats app, Hotmail and Gmail
Hey, was wondering about where you live? I am outside Gaylord n near TreeTops Resort area. Maybe you don't come to forum anymore? Anyhow, say hey if you like. Ty
Received a warning of precaution airport zone . I am requested to accept and flight. I can't make the warning go. Pressing yes had no efect
Thx Lou. I’m gonna give it a shot. Have some great video and time lapse I have recently taken. Looking forward to seeing the final cut.
who have a defect remote control and a battery when you bought the mavic air combo? ... I returned it to vision and they will not help me cause i bought it on Sale they said I need to to contract DJI support instead.

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