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I am planning a trip up the coast and would love to get aerial footage of the bridge. Would you mind being a second set of eyes and looking at the Sectional Chart for that area to see if I am missing something? The bridge is located at 36 22'18"N, 121 54'7"W. Based on the thread, it looked like you have some good experience with this. THANKS!
I contacted the Department of Parks for CA and they said the bridge is NOT in their jurisdiction and that it is managed by CAL TRANS and patrolled by the CHP. I've since contacted Cal Trans and they are "looking into it".
This site is restricting me to 420 characters, so I'll need to separate my question into sections lol.
Hi. I am following up on an old thread regarding flying in the Big Sur area. Looking at the NOAA Overflight Zones within the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary along with the Sectional Chart of the area, it does not appear the east side of the Bixby Creek Bridge falls in any restricted area or NFZ.
Looking For a new look on your Mavic Mini? I go through, they have a huge selection to choose from.
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I have the Decal Girl American flag on my ma2 and my ipad. Great looking and hi quality decals
So this would be the point where I ask a newbie question . . . Where do I find local (to me; Cincinnati area) FAA training course to get certified? I knew it existed and I'm a longtime pro photographer, and now have some spare time to expand my abilities. This is one thing I'd like to do.
Is there anyway I can change my user name. Putting my real name has resulted in some unwanted attention.
No problem! What would you like to use? I can change it for you.
Hey! I achieved a new maximum speed with my Mavic Mini (58 km/h, no wind). I flew 2 kilometers and pressed the “back home” button. When the drone started flying back automatically, I pushed the right control to full power forward (P mode) and the Mavic Mini quickly started to increase the speed from 28.8 km/h to 58 km/h. I tried again, and I reached 55 km/h. It allows you to quickly increase speed by flying home.
Hi, I am Glenn also from Savannah. Fly P3S and MM. Heading out of town tomorrow but when I get back next week maybe we could get together to fly.
Hi guys.Thank You for allowing me to join the group. Long story the wife bought me a Aviax 2 5 years ago as a Christmas box. Due to work and heath issues only got it out of the box to fly 4 weeks ago...Drone got bigger now a Mavic Air 2. Loving it .
Hi Cody.
I'm not sure if I want to go public with this yet, but I've just completed my first project, having reworked it a few times. As you can see, while the Mini does an acceptable job any of the better DJI drones would have really helped. Am I getting too crazy having GAS for a better drone??
First Completed Drone Project