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    Rookie question. Is the clear plastic dome supposed to remain on after removing the gimbal collar or does it stay off when flying? Also, there is a small clear adhesive tab (looks like some sort of protection) on the top/back of the gimbal. What does that protect and did everyone remove it?

    Still kinda cold and unpleasant to fly here.


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    You can fly with the bubble however glare will be an issue. As far as the adhesive tab . See video
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    If you are asking this question then I would suggest the following:
    The Mavic is built tough. The gimbal however isn't. The gimbal is also the most expensive and fragile part of the mavic.
    So for the first 10 or so beginner flights, remove the clamp/collar - and re-install the dome for added protection (make sure you don't lose the gimbal clamp).
    DJI states that you can fly with the dome on. The mavic may run a little hotter and you will see rainbows in your videos/photos from the refraction of the plastic dome.
    After a few successful flights and you are comfortable and understand orientation then you should fly without the dome.
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    Nov 24, 2016
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    There is a big problem flying with the dome on....It greatly restricts the air intake that cools the circuitry.
  5. CactusJackSlade

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    Oct 17, 2016
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    The small adhesive tab comes off :)

    The force field dome is up to you - good protection for a new learner... but you will not get the best optics. As noted above ventilation to the inside electronics will be reduced, but it's winter in the Northern Hemisphere, so not a problem... unless you are south of the equator ;-)
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