Gimbal Clamp hack and Caden K1 Messenger bag.

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    I nearly lost my gimbal clamp before the mavic ever took flight..
    Did a simple life hack.
    Used fishing line and tied it to the plastic dome protector (I never leave on the dome during flight as I think it restricts airflow).


    And also..

    I scored my self a second hand Caden Camera bag for free and might sell the DJI bag. I needed a proper sling or back pack as it seems a little difficult to trek with the DJI bag.
    You can find them all over ebay from 20-30AUD.. The link is a random so shop around.
    Caden K1 DSLR Camera Bag Case Messenger Shoulder Bag Black for Nikon CS WS | eBay

    I dry fitted and haven't field tested the bag yet..
    Inside the bag is Mavic, controller, 2 additional batteries, wall charger (car charger stays in car), usb battery bank adaptor, spare props and all the cables. Its configured in 3 tiers. I am sure there are better methods..

    You can strap a tripod to the base
    It also has a raincoat to protect it from the elements.
    Would recommend this if you are not using a pad.

    Here are some pics (please refer to iPhone 5 and not the power point in the wall for size comparisons).


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