Obama created new National Monuments that ban drones on over 4 million acres.

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    On Wednesday December 28, President Obama created the Bears Ears National Monument in southeast Utah covering 1.35 million acres, an area larger than twice the size of the state of Rhode Island. Over the course of his presidency, Obama has created a record 25 national monuments which combined cover an area over 4 million acres. As we all know, drones are banned in all national parks, national monuments, and national seashores. I am getting sick and tired of all the scenic land in the US getting lock up. Before long we won’t able to fly anywhere except in our own backyards.
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    Sounds like a quote from the ATVers twenty years ago yet they are still out there.

    Southeast Utah is one of my favorite place and we go there often. While I might miss not being able to fly my drone in the Bears Ears NM there are lots of other places to fly that are more spectacular than the Bears Ears. Then you still have a place to go when you don't want to hear the buzz of a drone or the growl of a ATV or 4X4.
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    The US is 2.43 Billion Acres... I think if they make a few million off-limits, unless you live in that area, it's not going to change much in the grand scheme of things... But, I hey, I live in Cali, where I can't even take off for miles around my home, so I am used to regulations, and having to travel to play.... it's just a part of life, and protecting nature, should be important enough that we can find different areas to fly in.
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    I'd rather have it a designated park than sell to developers or used for oil/gas drilling
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    The amount of land the fed gov controls I believe would amaze a good percentage of people.
    So when the gov starts shutting down usage on gov property (read property owned by he public) it always concerns me.

    Nevada : 84.5%
    Alaska: 69.1%
    Utah: 57.4%
    Oregon: 53.1%
    Idaho: 50.2%
    Arizona: 48.1%
    California: 45.3%
    Wyoming: 42.3%
    New Mexico: 41.8%
    Colorado: 36.6%

    And that's just a few states and it's just fed owned not state owned or local municipalities owned.
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    I think I okay. I just flew outside Canyonlands along the Colorado River on my way to Moab on Shafer Road. Sitting in a house along side the Abajo Mountains in Monticello... just outside Bears Ears as I read this. Ironic. Kind of sucks as I'm heading into Needles District in the morning and until I read this post, I did not think I'd be in Bears Ears. Looks like I'll be driving right through it as it boarders the entire Needles area.
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