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First video: Tribute to La La Land and the Bay Bridge

Trying my hand at videography with the DJI Mavic drone and Divinci Resolve. All footage shot in one evening.(A Bay Area tribute to "City of Stars" from the "La La Land" motion picture soundtrack)
Talk about being torn--your video is breathtaking, in two ways, one good, one scary as hell. The shots are gorgeous, both the medium range--traffic, lights, etc., and the long range, city skyscrapers against a beautiful and vivid skyline. Here's the scary: I can come to no other conclusion but that you put people in peril, the drivers and passengers in the cars you constantly passed over. Yours didn't fall and cause some gargantuan crash, but someone else's will, and then we'll all be in the soup. New local laws criminalizing that very behavior, news stories blasting all use of drones. Sorry to put a squelch on some outstanding video, really good stuff.

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