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  • Hi.......wanted to check back with you about when you might have the Firehouse V Red strobe back
    in inventory?? I need one for my Mavic 2-Air. Ron Grimard (State of Maine)
    received my discounted mavic pilots sticker i ordered the two tone one for the back of my ipad very happy with the product and the service
    I like the simplicity and contrast of the stripes you have on your M2P from the MAS Stealth prop review video. May I ask where I could obtain those decals, or would you mind? Thanks!
    After an big oops,you need to make your Mavt 'like new'.
    After LIDAR forward sensor ribbon broke, gimbal broke and repair..led to despair. Many red exclamation marks and warnings....I decided to recalibrate after assistance from Assistant2, I recalibrated and Hawt-Dam...everything works like 'new' and I am a happy more flying backward to get the perfect shot.
    I think I will go fly, now.
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