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Recent content by AJS

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    Where did you buy yours?

    I bought mine from Jessops. Put a big deposit down and took the 24 month interest free option to pay for it. I paid £999 but then bought another battery for £75.
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    Hi everyone.

    Quick update. I changed my mind and canceled my spark order. I'm now a mavic owner ☺️
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    Hi everyone.

    Thanks I figured this would do both drones and seeing as the mavic would be a natural progression from the spark, it would be better to establish myself here. Eventually I will move over to the mavic or whatever the newer version is when released.
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    Hi everyone.

    My name is Andy and I'm from the UK. Just ordered a Dji spark combo and hope to get it soon, although they said I could be waiting a while for it to arrive. I'm here hoping to share some of my experience with the drone and also gain knowledge about Dji drones from other users. As I don't have...